Orientation Manual - Hospice

The Hospice Orientation manual was created to orient a new employee to the different facets of homecare.  Each chapter includes information on a different topic and concludes with a post test for the trainee.  There is an answer key for each test for the trainer to grade the trainee’s progress.  The test can them be placed in the employee file for future proof of education and  training.  The Orientation Manual consists of 15 chapters, covering basic such as Advance Directives, Compliance, and Documentation, to more in depth topics like Hospice 101, Hospice Levels of Care, Performance Improvement, Hospice Covered Services of Care, and more! A CD is also included to aid in customization of each chapter, and for printing clean copies of each post test for employees. This is both a great tool for providing both employee training, and a quick way to offer hour long in-services for weekly (or monthly) staff meetings.

Type: Hospice, Topic: Operational

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Orientation Manual - Hospice

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